Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hi ! Welcome to my blog site !

I'm Giridhar, working in Bangalore City (India) as a systems software developer in HP's STSD (Systems Technology & Software Division).

To be more specific, I'm a part of HP Storage Works Division, working on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) product called X9000 (

In school, my buddies used to call me "chicken curry", I used to be a part of gymnastics team (outside of school), loved playing soccer and cricket. Today, folks in office call me "gary force" ( for whatever reasons :P ). I like writing code, especially Java. In my spare time, I do contribute to internal blog site (& now this site) and wiki portal that I've setup to help the team folks in sharing technical information related to our storage product and LINUX.

I love to hang out with my buddies in office and also with friends whom I meet on weekends. I love going out for a cup of coffee, & frequently visit Cafe Coffee Day, Kalmane Coffee and occasionally go out for a drink.

Earlier in my career, I was mostly involved in developing computer graphics and visualization applications (using C/C++ and OpenGL). I have a bachelors degree in CS (Computer Science & Engineering) and I graduated in 2003 and did my engineering in Bangalore Institute of Technology.

Right now, working on and in love with a totally different domain: Storage – to be more precise Network Attached Storage. Our product runs on Redhat Enterprise Linux and we use C, C++, Java, Java Scripts and Python/Shell Scripts. Working on LINUX cannot get more interesting and cool than this !

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