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Review of my Triumph Daytona 675R

Date of writing this review : Roughly around Dec / 2014

My Review on Daytona 675 R:

FYI : this is just  my opinion , you are more than welcome to have different thoughts about the bike :)

Bikes that I currently own: Yamaha RX135, Bajaj Pulsar 220, Ninja 300 and Daytona 675-R.

First of all , I love the looks of the bike - it's just too good. Secondly , the build quality is amazing. The fit and finish is second to none.  I compared this build quality / finish with a few litre class bikes and I must admit , the finish is way way way better !! I have the 675 R which has carbon fibre cockpit and front and rear mud flaps - which not only looks good , but also is strong. Thirdly , I love the whistling sound it makes each time it is revved up and down. It is so god damn addictive. The red line on the tacho meter starts at 15,000 RPM and ends at 18,000 RPM. Wow ! Next on the list which 675 R has is adjustable OHLINS suspension - apart from adjusting the front and rear pre-load (which you normally don't change) , we can play around with compression and rebound settings - depending on the the kind of road you are riding on (bumpy or has pot holes or smooth etc) - or if it's a race track. It's awesome feeling when you can completely tune it based on the feedback you want to get off the road. Coming to the power - 126 BHP is quite a bit for middle weight super sports, and it's got quite a lot of mid range torque. The feeling of its acceleration when you open the throttle low down the Rev range is awesome. When you get past 8000 rpm , the valves fully open and the sound goes Ballistic ! The stock tyres are Pirelli super corsa SP - which are race specs. It's mostly meant for race track. On dry roads, excellent grip. Wet roads , I'm not confident. That's pretty much expected.  If you are planning to take it to the track not too often but mostly on city roads and highways , I would recommend you take off the stock Pirelli (which are expensive - roughly 30k for both front and back) , save it for track use and put Michelin pilot road 2 or something like that. Front is 120 size and back is 180 size . Apart from these, it has the steering damped. Oh I forgot to mention the amazing QUICK SHIFTER. While riding , you can upshift (not applicable for down shift) without applying the clutch and while the throttle is wide open !! On the race track , it's amazing ! You can save valuable time for quicker lap times. On open highways , when you use the quick shifter , it's takes very less time to get to 150 km/hr. My top speed so far has been 245 km/hr. Could have gone faster , but did not. But if you are a seasoned racer riding a bike without a quick shifter  , you would be behind a bike with a quick shifter by a negligible margin - but it's fun to use. Warning - make sure you use the quick shifter when the engine rpm is above 5000. If you are below - it might screw up the gearing. This is triumph dealership recommendations , not mine. Triumph engineers are best persons to answer this. Inside the city , if I ride aggressively , mileage can come down to as low as 12 km per litre . If I ride economically inside the city , I can get 16 km per litre. On highways - on an average I can get 19/20 km per litre. Tank capacity is 17.2 L. Octane 91 or above is recommended fuel but not a must. But you can fill petrol from any bunk , just make sure it's known to give good quality petrol. I usually fill SHELL normal or SHELL super. Many times , BP Speed 97 (octane 97). Engine is so smooth even when it is revved hard. No vibrations felt on fairings or front wind shield or mirrors or seat. In jam packed traffic - you can feel so much heat near the thighs. But that's normal. On highways , when you are riding fast , you won't feel it because of continuous in flow of wind and temperature of engine is much lower on highways. It also has programmable shift lights - the blue LEDs can be programmed as to at what rpm you want them on - like at 10,500 RPM one blue led comes on , then at 10,600 another led comes on (so in total 2 are on) , then at 10,700 one more led comes on (3 in total are on) ... Etc so at 11,000 rpm , all of them are on and keeps flashing on and off together to make it visually evident that you need to shift up a gear. All this is completely programmable. It also has a lap timer. Also shows mileage (km/L) on the console apart from engine temperature , average speed , trip meters , clock , ABS (on/off) etc. front brakes are dual disc - I love the braking on this bike ! Rear is ok types , front is excellent. Unlike Japanese bikes , the service interval is every 10,000 KMS or one year - which ever comes first. Coming to accessories - there are lots ! Visit your nearest triumph dealership and you will know. If they don't have it - visit the triumph UK Website , and see what you want and tell the dealership to get it for you - they would be happy to get it for you , down side - waiting time :) ! I would highly recommend getting frame sliders and engine crash protectors (for gear box and clutch plate). Go for zero dep insurance. Coming to riding position - it's damn aggressive ! The riding triangle is Even more aggressive than Kawasaki ZX 10R ! I have a ninja 300 also. But comparing to 300 , when I sat on 675R for the first time , I felt like my hands were resting on the ground and some one had lifted both my legs high up in the air ! I have already done 12,000 Kms on this under 5 months. (On ninja it was 25,000 kms under 10 months) - on the daytona I did not have any back problems for riding long distances  , but initially I had pain in the wrists , coz upper body is resting on the hands , but over time I got used to it - and now I ride it almost every day. No issues. Love it like crazy ! This bike is totally intoxicating ! Worth it's price. I did not even test ride it before I got it. I knew what triumph was and is. My opinion has not changed till date. What a bike this is !! 

Hope my review was useful ?

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  1. Bro I appreciate the way you have described about the motorcycle and a Daytona 675r owner I love it when someone appreciate the motorcycle. I got my bike brand new from triumph hyderabad and I used to ride for breakfast ride and now I am planning to take a trip of 2000km so is it necessary to put 97 Octane fuel or could manage the bike with 87 to 91 unless I am riding hard